Maenetta Jackson's Seventh Day Adventism

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The conference call started with a word of payer led by Maenetta Jackson. The following points were presented and discussed; Seventh-Day Adventism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science and New Thoughts and Unity by Ruth A. Tucker. In addition, to Unmasking the New Age by Douglas R. Groothuis chapters 1-8. Finalizing, with a discussion related to the scripture devotion on Salvation by grace. Seventh-Day Adventism: Larry Brandon Being that Larry was unable to make it to the conference call meeting due to an emergency meeting with his mayor, as he serves in the airport board, a short summary was given by Maenetta. Main point was on Soul Sleep, as it is their belief that the soul as well as the body is in a state of unconsciousness: “death…show more content…
Officially known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, and an offspring of Adventist teachings. They view the outside world as the enemy, especially the institutionalized churches, human government, and big business. In addition, they belief that the “remnant class” of 144,000 would spend eternity in heaven rather than on earth with the “great crowd” whom reached its capacity in 1939. So since then, only a few could be added. Other doctrine and practices is the refusal of blood transfusions or eating of blood, saluting the flag, and the Trinity and Deity of Christ viewing Jesus a no more than a perfect man, rather than God incarnate. Christian Science: Tremaine Spencer. Mother Mary, had a lot of followers during the 1870’s specially women, since they were not given a place in the church. In addition, Mary stated that divine science and Christian Science are one and the same. Christian Science denies the trinity, firmly rejects the Deity, being this one of the key points that differentiates her theology from Protestant and orthodoxy. Furthermore, Mrs. Eddie refers to God as “Father-Mother” pointed to the motherhood of God, rejecting the Trinity, and stating that Jesus was the offspring of Mary’s self-conscious communion with

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