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Trench warfare has become an equivalent term for stalemate, deadlock, attrition, and futility in conflict since the trench warfare employed by both the Germans and the Allies during World War I in 1914. The technology used by the opposing forces included artillery with shrapnel producing shells, machine guns, aeroplanes, tanks, chemical warfare, radio and radar use, and cipher technology. The tank was one of the most significant technological advances in terms of trench warfare. It allowed the deadlock of trench warfare to be broken, enabled the Germans to invade Europe swiftly at the start of WWII, and ultimately worked against the Germans by the end of the Second World War. The trench warfare on the Western Front began when the German Army…show more content…
Elaborate designs of the trench and dugout systems housed the soldiers, the stores, communications, machine gun towers, ammunition, and further weaponry (Boot, 2006). The trenches were of each protected with heavy barbed wire which stretched the length of the front. “No Man’s Land” was the name given to the area in between the trenches of the opposing forces, and gave no cover at all to any attackers. High casualty rates were the cost of attempts to…show more content…
In order for the Allies to counter-attack, the tank warfare and tactics had to be developed. The FT-17 and the Mark V were examples of how technology advances in WWI allowed the deadlock of trench warfare to be broken. The Germans struggled to deal with the new types of tanks – they were much faster than before, and could not be stopped with machine gun fire. The German troops could not bomb them as they moved too swiftly for their guns to keep up. The tactics of the Allied forces had developed and advanced during the Battle of Amiens in 1918, and it was a huge victory for the Allies over

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