Sharon M. Draper's Copper Sun

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The award winning book Copper Sun, by Sharon M. Draper is an outstanding story. Sharon M. Draper inserts mixed emotions into the novel, such as fear, sadness, happiness, and etc. Copper Sun, is a story focused on a girl named Amari, a 15- year old African American girl. She once lived life with joy and adored by her elders. She never expected to lose her whole tribe in a blink of an eye. When slave traders enter the village, they had violently murdering her family in front of her. She was one of the couples to be kidnapped as a slave. This part of the story caught my eye because it reminded me about a movie. Amari felt sadness enter her emotions, when slave traders had killed her family, acting as if the tribe were ever to be born. Amari, not-knowing…show more content…
The shelters were burned, their roofs of thatch and walls of reeds were ate by the fire. All the bloody bodies of family were stationed where they’d fallen. She had lost her whole tribe and that the pale men did not understand the Ashanti customs. She wonders where they came from and why they would want to hurt them. "Our tribes have been at war before," the Ashanti had responded. "This time, however, I shall be greatly rewarded." Amari also felt fear upon her when she and the others were sailing on the ocean. Afi, one of the woman on the ship, believed that there was nothing beyond that point, the ocean is just a place for death. Amari, not-knowing much about the ocean, and had believed Afi. Amari was afraid to be thrown overboard, and drown to her death. "Not only is there no escape, there is no land to escape to. They have stolen that as well." Mrs. Derby was frightened to lose her baby. She didn’t want Mr. Derby to find out that the child isn’t his. She sends the infant to Sara Jane’s care. Mr. Derby feels confused and suspicious demanding to know where his child is. Mrs. Derby felt fear that he would kill the baby, her, and Noah. She knows that she would die, but wants her baby to be safe. She lies to Mr. Derby, explaining that the baby was stillborn. "Even though he married me for my money, I know he really has come to feel real affection for me. But I love Noah–I have for many years. And

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