Toyota Recall Crisis Case Study

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The below diagram shows the connection between the main topic and its elements. However, this spray diagram is talking about the Toyota recall crisis which started after the Toyota Lexus crash which happened on 28th of august,2009 in San Diego. The patrol officer Mark Saylor was travelling on highway 125 with his three family members when his car ‘Lexus’ suddenly accelerates out of control and one of the occupants called the emergency service and reported that the car had brakes then silence and the four members was killed in a crash. The second element in the spray diagram is the immediate response which came after two days from the crash, Toyota issued a statement talking about the accident and showing regret for the loss of lives promised…show more content…
This expansion slowed the response time in the organization. However, Toyota organizational structure shows the reason why the company had been through this crisis. Toyota had a rigid corporate culture, the employees were feeling hesitant and reluctant to pass any bad news to the Toyota family. 29 of Japanese board directors are from the Toyota insiders. however, they don't allow any decisions to be made in the US branch, only in Japan and this prevented the US branch from the early recall and caused the crisis all because the organization was following a centralized power structure. Toyota used the just in time production which means making what is needed only when its needed and only the amount needed, when Toyota wants to produce a big amount of automobiles efficiently, there should be a production plan which includes the parts procurement so providing what is needed when its needed and the amount needed can reduce or eliminate the waste and useless requirements which result in improving the productivity. However, this system gave power to front line employees to stop the manufacturing streak when a problem had been noticed. after the speedy growth, Toyota did not want to stop any manufacturing line when an employee claim that there is an issue, the employee should be certain about the issue because if he stops the manufacturing because of a problem that is not existing he will be fired, so if the employee suspect any problem he prefer to keep silent and all this happens from changing in the culture of the company. Toyota has neglected the customer care because of the late recall. the culture impact change in many different ways. to be successful, the company's culture is set by values provided by the founders, they publish their ideas thru the culture which has a discipline policies and a system thinking. in my opinion, Toyota should Adopt the Role culture to improve the

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