Othello Act 1 Summary

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Act 1 Othello starts in Venice, where an argument is taking place by Lago and Roderigo. Roderigo has been paying Lago to help him marry Desdemona, which he later finds out is married to Othello. Lago and Roderigo begin thinking of a plan to have Roderigo get what he has always wanted, Desdemona. They had decided to turn Desdemona's family against Othello. Lado and Roderigo begin to tell the senator (Desdemona's father) that they are having sex, and that Othello is a rapist and a theft. C.) In Act 1 Roderigo is extremely jealous of Othello and Desdemona relationship, he seemed truly shocked that she chose Othello over him. Roderigo was attached to Desdemona, but it seemed as if she did not even know who he was. Roderigo was giving his money to Lago for a marriage to Desdemona that was not successful. Roderigo came off to me as a highly self-centered and selfish person, if he did not get something he wanted, for example, Desdemona, no…show more content…
However, one ship is carrying Lago, Desdemona, Roderigo and Emilia. As Desdemona begins to tell Emilia she is a chatterbox, Lago begins to criticize women, and basically says they are useless besides sex; "You rise to play and go to bed for work"(2.1.169). As they arrive safely, Othello greets them, they go to celebrate the sinking of the Turks and also they celebration of their marriage. C.) As Lago was degrading women Desdemona was going along with him belittling Emilia and her as well her and every other women. Back then in the 1500's woman did not have a voice, they did not voice their option, especially to a man. I was not expecting her to react this way, I didn’t expect her to laugh and go along with what he was saying. Today, I believe she would have acted differently, considering the society we have in this day in

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