Tough Out: A Narrative Fiction

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Unlike most times when I’ve been knocked out, I remember what happened to me when I wake up. I remember the shape-shifting demon, changing my appearance, the Reds, all those boys the woman, Jeen, and then the metal of a gun crashing against my skull. I feel the lump on my head as I slowly sit up on an unfamiliar, uncomfortable cot. I rub the lump, hoping the pain will disappear. It doesn’t. I groan as I swing my legs off the side of the cot and push the foreign blanket off me. I haven’t bothered looking up, my head pounding in my ears and the dim lights making me flinch. There’s no point in moving fast if my body can’t handle it. A gruff voice suddenly speaks up and my head jerks up, alarmed. I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone. Though I should…show more content…
My hand subconsciously clenches my stomach. Flich takes a step towards me and I step back. “Not very friendly are you?” “Flich, give the boy some space. He’s clearly not use to new people,” Walker growls. “New people?” The younger man laughs a snort of his belief. He heads towards the door, but stops before he leaves. “We’re the only people, he’s ever going to meet again. I can’t see why I can’t ask questions and be curious.” “Go, get some food. We’ll be there in a minute,” Walker says. The door quickly opens and closes as Flich disappears, leaving me alone with the old man. A nervous silence envelops the room as I keep on my feet, the sickness slowly beginning to pass from my body or maybe I’ve just adjusted to it. Either way, I hate it. I don’t like feeling weak and there is no way I am staying here. I have a plan and if I’m where I think I am, then I’m closer to completing my plan than I was yesterday. I should be in one of the Red’s headquarters, which should be near the West Well. If I’m not, then I need to get the hell out of here as fast as I possibly can. I don’t move at that moment, though. I just stand with a hand against the wall to support my weight. I still feel sick and I’m hungry. My stomach is tight from hungry and grumbles quietly. My hands are even shaking from the lack of
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