The Cobbletone Circles: A Narrative Fiction

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Before the sun was created, a small village on an island consisted of vampires, witches, and humans. All of the vampires were seen as evil by humans except for one, her name was Sunny. All the other vampires despised her because she refused to harm humans like they would. Humans admired Sunny immensely for being an exceptionally kind vampire. One night, Sunny and her best friend Bethany experienced an event that changed the world forever. The cobblestone paths glowed in the luminous light shining from the moon. The pitter patter of Sunny’s footsteps echoed through the darkness of the night. She sighed as she tilted her head down disappointed with the world that surrounded her. Dark figures rapidly dashed past her as she made her way to…show more content…
I don’t want this life!” Sunny shouted enraged. They both gradually stopped walking as they arrived at Sunny’s house. Bethany began to leave, but as she turned around a mysterious man came out of the shadows. “Bethany,” the man called out. “What do you want Nick?” Bethany replied. “Well, you should probably let Sunny know that the other vampires are planning an attack tonight,” said Nick. “Why would you tell me this? You’ve been nothing but cruel to Sunny all these years. Why would you want to help her now?” said Bethany. “Well, this attack seems different than the others. As much as I loathe her the other vampires have taken this way too far that’s all” Nick replied. He turned around and disappeared in a flash. A panicked look appeared on Bethany’s face. She immediately raced up to Sunny’s house and knocked repeatedly on the door. “Sunny! Sunny! Let me in! Please! Sunny!” Bethany cried. Sunny appeared at the entrance and Bethany rushed inside. Before Bethany could explain anything there was a knock on the door. Sunny and Bethany walked over to the window and took a peak. They looked around astonished at what they saw. The front of Sunny’s house was being swarmed by every single one of the other

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