Are The Odds In This Book's Victor?

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Are the Odds in this Book’s Favor? In Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games, Katniss is different from the typical female protagonist because of her independence and her hardened personality. The dynamics between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale also make Katniss an interesting character because she is more focused on survival than she is on love and relationships. In addition, the violence in the book makes the story impactful and realistic. Another important aspect of the book is Collins’s first person writing style. It makes the story engaging and it restricts the violence from being to extreme. However, this choice in writing style creates significant plot holes in the story because there are not enough details in Katniss’s descriptions. The Hunger Games takes place in a futuristic world that had been torn apart by war. The victor of that war, the…show more content…
A review of The Hunger Games by conkersbadfurday states “the Katniss/Gale/Peeta trio works really well. There’s no love triangle here, Gale is simply a foil for Peeta, and Katniss doesn’t actually love either. She puts Gale in the friend zone during chapter one or two, and her relationship with Peeta is nothing more than an act” (par. 31). In most modern stories, when a young female lead gets involved with two males, she ends up struggling with her feelings and then tries to choose between them. Katniss, however, does not give much thought to romance. In both District 12 and the games, she is too busy trying to survive to consider relationships. At home, her main concern was keeping herself and her family from starving, which left little time for romantic attachments. In the arena, romance was nothing more to her then a tool of survival. While Katniss’s mentality of love changes in the following books, her disinterest in romantic involvement makes the love-triangle in The Hunger Games

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