Panic Virus Thesis

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Book Report 1: The Panic Virus Imagine this, a 3-year-old boy at intensive care, attempting his best to breathe through the tiny opening, consecutively his main concern is to stay alive. The difference between this kid and any other is quite simple; this kid lacked memory cells in Hib, so simply he did not obtain all his required vaccines. Seth Mnookin is an American journalist/writer, his non-fiction book The Panic Virus is based on the anti-vaccine movement, furthermore about how untrue as well as untruthful this movement is. The book mainly discussed noble along with moral issues, however the book focused on mainly ethical issues in medicine. One issue the book focused about is parents overprotective of their adolescents, therefore preventing them from getting their required vaccines, thinking that vaccines causes autism. Another issue that the book was…show more content…
Fisher was so arrogant, that she conceived her sons, Chris’s awfully strange symptoms and behavior were related to Chris’s last dose of DPT vaccine. Fisher did not send her son to the ER, but left him to sleep the illness off, even though her son showed symptoms associated with heart attacks, strokes and suffocation. Fisher was highly affected by the publicity of the anti-vaccine movement, that her arrogance and over protectiveness of her child lead to him almost getting killed by the error of his mother. The media do not only include broadcast and shows, but this term is spacious in the definition, moreover the media may include the internet, blogs, and also celebrities (Vasconcellos, Silva ….. 2015). All of these will affect people’s mind and life, consecutively lead them to conjecture their logic along with their reflections, illustrated by Barbra Fisher. Fisher was so focused on the media, that she assumed her son was having a mild feedback reaction against his last dose of DPT. This aloof reaction may have caused Chris his

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