Toddler Sexual Abuse

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Infant and Toddler Sexual Abuse Any type of abuse towards anyone is disturbing, but it is extremely disturbing when infants are abused. Who in their right mind would abuse an infant? What is completely disgusting is that there are some people out there who also sexually abuse infants and toddlers. Some types of abuse are easy to spot, but others aren’t and may be known as silent or hidden abuse (Hornor, 2010). This type of abuse is often the hardest to spot, especially in infants. It’s easier to detect sexual abuse in toddlers than it is in infants because infants are able to communicate or act out when something is wrong. Infant sexual abuse cases are also underreported because it is so hard to detect, unless physical signs are left behind…show more content…
Examples of sexual abuse that includes touching are touching a child’s genitals or other private parts for sexual pleasure, making the child touch someone else’s private parts, play sexual games, and putting body parts or objects in the child’s vagina, anus, mouth, etc. for sexual pleasure (CWIG, 2015). There are individuals who enjoy making videos or taking pictures of children for sexual pleasure. Other non-touch examples of sexual abuse include pornography (showing the child porn videos), exposure of an adults genitals deliberately to a child, photographing the child in sexual poses, making a child hear or watch sexual acts, and inappropriately watching a child undress, shower, or use the bathroom. Downloading and Viewing images or videos of sexually abused children are also considered child abuse because it is considered participating in the abuse (CWIG,…show more content…
This infant is going to need some type of help when he gets older due to the trauma he has suffered. An intervention should be made that will include both the infant and foster parents, or whoever has custody over the infant after all of this is over with. If the infant’s biological parents were to regain custody over the infant they may also need a great deal of help themselves. They may have feelings of guilt, anger, or remorse for not being able to care for the child in the first place and having the infant taken away. Something like this leaves deep scares and sooner or later the infant will be faced with his past and interventions should be available to be put into practice and modified depending on the child and his care takers

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