Inhumanity In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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What might have the outcome on the island be if the Confucius showed up on the island? If this happened to the boy’s how may or may not have, they acted in a different way? When Piggy and Ralph say something they are sure it will affect other people in certain ways. If they want anyone to make something right away they must do it. When Jack treats other people not well or is bossy towards other people it affects them. If Jack is rude to someone it will make them feel upset. If Confucius would have appeared in the last part of the book, it might have been a better place because of his wise actions and thoughts. Everything else may not have been as hard for everyone. In the Lord of the Flies, the boys learned lots of lessons the book throughout their journey. The desire for power and man’s inhumanity to man results in a leader who makes positive decisions. The desire for power over others is the force that ignites the evil in mankind is a true statement. In the Lord of the Flies, it is brought up a lot with Piggy and Ralph. It comes up when they say something and they…show more content…
Jack felt like no one wanted him there and he felt quite upset. "'We don't want you,' said Jack, flatly. 'Three's enough.'"24 In the book, Jack is often rude and is saying he wants no one. He says there are enough people, and he needs no one else. "'You're always scared. Yah- Fatty!'" 45 called Jack as he was trying to toughen up Piggy. He is saying how Piggy is always scared and is being rude to Piggy and calling Piggy Fatty and he does not appreciate it. "'You would, would you? Fatty!" 71 Piggy’s feelings are quite hurt, and he is upset. He is not appreciative of him saying this and he thinks it is super rude. Jack still has a lack of respects for anyone. Jack treats other characters not the way they should be treated the whole

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