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Kendrick Lamar, a south central hip-hop artist proves that he is more than just a rapper in his latest album titled ‘To Pimp a Butterfly.’ His latest release subtly declares that power, fame, and profit can ultimately favour a new world movement. Lamar will challenge his audiences as this album adopts a new style more in-tune with its message. Renowned for his alternative classics, Good Kid and M.A.A.D City, which explore an array of themes, Lamar’s popularity continues to blossom as recent gossip circulates that Good Kid could be made into a movie. Following this line of thinking, in many ways To Pimp a Butterfly unfolds like a musical. Lamar echoes a building monologue at the end of several tracks, depicting his painful and internal struggle…show more content…
With enticing lyrics, Lamar touches on some heavily charged racial tensions that relate to the concept of ‘pimping butterflies’ and black inequality globally. By using a number of interconnected conflicts to symbolise the double consciousness and contrast facing every black American, this album explores central themes such as the familiarity of home versus the hood and looking for an opportunity to escape the world in which they are trapped. Lamar also discusses the concept of fame and how his unquestioned acceptance has removed him from his individuality. The paradox of fame is seen in how he has been able to rise in popularity due to his uniqueness, but in doing so, has oppressed his individual style and flair. It is through these explorations that a growing anxiety is revealed, as he addresses the issue of black children and teenagers killed whilst supporting gang violence promoted by mainstream hip-hop artists of…show more content…
Lamar’s lyrical ability to emotionally charge his tracks with such personal confessions allows his target audience to grasp the ideas being examined. In an era dominated by digital media and pop, albums like this fuel cultures and in doing so, challenge views and perspectives on certain issues. With each passing song, Lamar captures the ongoing narrative and dispute related to African American heritage. In the process, he sheds light on what it means to be black in America thus making the album timeless. By employing philosophical ideas from Martin Luther King Jr., Tupac Shakur and Oprah, the cross generational album historically explores eras starting from the 1900s and ending in the 60s. While doing so, he still manages to maintain relevance for today’s

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