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Kendrick Lamar, a South Central LA hip hop artist proves himself more than just a rapper in his latest album titled ‘To Pimp a Butterfly.’ Considering the style and depth of his album, it would seem that Kendrick Lamar’s music may have a difficult time crossing over to the masses, despite the heightened level of anticipation. However, To Pimp a Butterfly has made a subtle, yet significant statement that power, positioning, and profit ultimately favours the enlightened. The album follow-up from his alternative classic, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, divided an array of significant topics. Like how “Good Kid” was pitched as a movie, “To Pimp a Butterfly” unfolds like a musical. Lamar repeats a building monologue at the end of numerous tracks, laying…show more content…
In an era dominated by digital media, albums like this fuel cultures. They control and challenge our digital mindset, changing our views and perspectives on certain issues. By each passing song, Lamar captures the ongoing narrative of the dispute over African American cultures, illuminating what it means to be black in American. In this sense, the album is timeless, seizing its rank in the annals of black history. He uses philosophical ideas from Martin Luther King Jr., Tupac Shakur and Oprah, the album spans across years of the 1900s to the 60s, while still managing to keep it relevant to today. Lamar and his notions cultivates a forceful collection of black musical…show more content…
It has successfully cultivated a jazzy and an enthralling story given a rather touching viewpoint. He uses his well-earned status as the current king of hip-hop to deliver a strong, fearless and emotional message. It is evident that not one track wastes a moment of its 1 Hour and 20 minute runtime, all offering their own notion relating to Lamar’s reoccurring themes. The album embodies the philosophy that drives today’s passionate activists and forward-thinking creators. “To Pimp A butterfly” is challenging, but it reflects a world that is suffering from inequality. It embraces all aspects and clashes of blackness, revealing the unjust society that we live in today. It is an album that will be heard by many, and hopefully, listened understood by just as

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