Comparing Huckleberry Finn And Breaking Bad

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Huck and Jim, from the historic novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, are somewhat similar to Walter and Jesse from the hit TV show, Breaking Bad, by Vince Gilligan. Huck and Jim's relationship is based off of their opinions on society. They don't understand society or peoples cruel intentions. Walter and Jesse also don't understand society. They don't understand why people involved in the drug trade are so psychotic. Though these two sets of characters have a somewhat similar plot, they have big differences as well. Huck and Jim are essentially different than the rest of what we would consider horrible people, because they don't have hate in their hearts. Walter and Jesse are bad people, among worse people, in a good peoples world.…show more content…
Jim has been a slave his entire life, he hates slavery for that reason, he also is scared for his life. Huck and Jim obviously become great friends because of their views on slavery, but also because Jim has never really had someone who wants to help him in his life. Walter is a genius chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and is in need of cancer treatment money. Jesse is a meth addicted, pimp, who has connection to just about every butt head in New Mexico. Huck and Jim are doing things for the better of them both, Walter is manipulating Jesse for his own benefit. Huck and Jim do find themselves embracing their differences, as do Walter and Jesse. In both cases, there is one motive, freedom, be it from slavery or

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