Argumentative Essay On The Fault In Our Stars

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Monster’s Fault In the novel, The Fault In our Stars, by the famous author John Green, there are many characters who are diagnosed with a disease, in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably thus destroying body tissue, commonly known as cancer. When people think of a monster they usually think of something along the lines of Boogeyman, zombies, the Loch ness monster, bigfoot, and so on and so forth. People additionally think of monsters in human society, such as rapists ,kidnappers, human traffickers, ect. Most individuals do not instantly perceive a disease as a monster, but in this particular story it’s cancer, cancer is the atrocious, heinous monster. This is the type of monster that strips everything away from a human being. Cancer…show more content…
The physical pain is caused by a tumor pressing against the bones, nerves, or other organs in the human body. In a review about the book Rachel Syme said it best,” There is something monstrous about a disease that kills by wanting to live; cancer's goal is to grow and prosper, with absolutely no regard for its host,” (page 1). Both Augustus and Hazel experienced this monstrous act during times of distress. Hazel’s type of cancer stripped away her ability to breath. At times fluids, filled her lungs, in the same manner as waves washing over one's body, leaving them to drown. Augustus encountered physical pain and sufficiently more emotional pain. Because Augustus’ situation got worse the medication took for the throbbing pain made he sometimes unfunctional. He wasn’t able to due certain things on his own, and whatever he ate eventually came back up. Augustus despised this monster that producing so much psychological and carnal pain, he even started to loathe himself. At one point, he stated, “I hate myself I hate myself I hate this I hate this I disgust myself I hate it I hate it I hate it lust let me f***ing die,” (page 245). That’s the thing about pain though it demands to be

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