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Tita was afraid that was pregnant as a result of the sexual encounter with Pedro due to her missing her period and had to cancel her wedding engagement with John as she saw herself not being a virgin any longer. In spite of that she was worried with this thoughts during the preparation of the King’s Day bread. the King’s Day bread is a recipe that brought memories of her childhood with the loving care of Nacha and her companionship Gertrudis that just disappeared at home. The storyline depicted Tita as a specialist in cooking as she spent all her growing up in the kitchen and learn various delicacies in cooking. As Rosaura visit the kitchen to ask for Tita’s help in cooking , the seeking for assistance shows the embedded power Tita has over Rosaura due to Pedro lust for her. Rosaura suffers from…show more content…
Chapter 12, Talks about the perfect ending of the obsession between Tita and Pedro which has both tragic and triumphant in that Tita’s heart desire has finally fulfilled at the expense of her rough life. Tita’s inner fire can truly burn, as she has, for the first time made vigorous decision based on her desires and abandoned the constriction confines of the cultural role into which she was forced throughout her life. The difference views in their final encounter contrasts with their past affairs which Pedro was always active, powerful subject while Tita was inexperienced powerless object. Final the wedding of Esperanza and Alex ends cycle of repression in the De La Garza family with new beginning of happiness for Tita and Pedro. The significant of fire that ignite when Tita and Pedro embrace in the afterlife destroyed the De La Garza ranch and all cultural notions that are out there. The only recipe that survives the fire is Tita’s recipe book which records not only her kitchen wisdom but also about happenings in the family preserving De La Garza family

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