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Saif ali khan is a famous Bollywood actor also said to be the prince of tides. this article written by piyush roy is a magazine article which is proven by various literary techniques used throughout and the stylistic features he has covered along with disrupted structure he has used. This gives us as a reader a particular idea of how audience which are the Indians are familiar with the Bollywood blockbuster and the stardust icon awards as they get a little grasp of prehistory of one of the famous actor saif ali khan. However the khan in Asia is a high profile title and most of which people held with these titles tend to be richer than other people in Asia India particularly as Bollywood is the origin. The message or the scope what the writer is trying to convey is that not all khans are rich enough…show more content…
Along with that the text he has now tasted blood that suggest again the comeback of the khan prince back to throne as saif gets fired up. The purpose of the text as stated already was to praise and educate people that despite of many failures one can still cope and regain its dignity back to where it should be the Bollywood superstar. Writer also tries to use some evidence of the current movies that saif has acted and give an opinion how he perceives was good or not. This tells us that we can’t argue what writer tries to say as incorrect because he himself acts as if he is one of the greatest fans of this actor. The end of the second last paragraph the writer is so intensified about the actor that shows that instead of khan being so important the nick name saif stands out similarly as the khans stand out there are so many ways to describe his prename that the surname contains no value or the value is

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