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Sunny Day Clemencia Rodriguez COMM 2423 October 3, 2015 Assigned Reading Presentation Trans Identities and Contingent Masculinities: Being Tombois in Everyday Practice Author – life and work: There is no information online regarding Evelyn’s birth and family history. I took it upon myself to email Evelyn Blackwood’s direct email through Purdue University and I was informed that she is out of the office due to another research study. Evelyn began her journey into education and attended The King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York and earned her BA in Psychology. Not much longer after, Blackwood earned her MA in Anthropology at San Francisco State University, and then finally ended her education with her PhD in Anthropology in which she received from Stanford University. I find it both impressive and inspirational for a woman to have driven herself as much as Evelyn did to receive three degrees from three of the greatest schools.…show more content…
Evelyn has edited over five books pertaining to homosexual, sexuality, and gender behavior and she has an abundance of her own writings in journal and scholarly articles. While Blackwood is known for her professional editing and journal articles, she is also known for having been awarded the Ruth Benedict Prize in 2000 & 2007. The Ruth Benedict Prize is presented annually at the American Anthropological Association’s meeting “to acknowledge excellence in a scholarly book written from an anthropological perspective about a topic that engages issues and theoretical perspectives relevant to LGBTQ studies.” (Web.), this shows her place in LGBTQ anthropology
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