Three Day Road Character Analysis

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Personally I think that it is important for use to read the novel Three day road because it teaches us about our history about a culture that lives in the bush and how natives use story telling it is always use a lot and told in different way. Also throughout the novel Three Day Road there is a lot of storytelling done by Niska, Xavier and Elijah. Niska’s who is Xaviers aunt tells the story about when she’s bringing Xavier back from the war, and she often tells Xavier stories of either her own childhood and how she took him back from the nuns that his mother abandoned him as a child, also the things she had to go through or experience while she was growing up in the bush all her life. The story Elijah’s tells are usually very directly related…show more content…
For example, from the beginning of the novel, Elijah made out as a bit of an odd character. He tends to enjoy killing people, opposite of Xavier, and this is obvious from near the start of the novel. But as the novel progresses, the reader gets to experience just how much Elijah does enjoy doing these things and throughout the novel it really does show that Xavier and Elijah are pretty different in the ways they behaved throughout the war. Both their personalities come out much more as the novel goes on. Xavier was generally the calmer of the two throughout the novel and didn’t get the same “joy” out of the killings as Elijah did. Xavier also didn’t react as well to the whole being at war situation as well as Elijah did, but he learnt to adapt throughout the novel and eventually got a better grip on the situation. Elijah, on the other hand, was a good man in the army from the beginning. He was able to kill quite a few people, had a good shot and generally didn’t feel bad for killing these people, especially considering he would take the scalps/skulls of the ones he

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