The Second Great Awakening Short Story

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4025 - Prologue The United States went through a second Great Awakening in which president, Collins and Prime Minister Roy of England came to the conclusion that life was better simpler. Over the next few years, towns such as Boston, New York City, and Chicago went through a deconstruction where towering skyscrapers were collapsed and replaced with mere huts and taverns. With a new community, Collins and Roy gathered trained military troops and asked them to examine each and every citizen above the age of 12 for even the smallest problem such as slight OCD, eczema, and asthma, to major disabilities such as cerebral palsy, deaf-blindness and emotional disturbance. Now every year, kids ages 10-12 are evaluated and killed for being just the slightest bit “Imperfect”. Years after the 2nd Great Awakening, Akira Thompson came into the world. When she was born, her parents knew that she was different. The doctors had looked inside her brain as they did with every other newborn and saw the network wiring of her brain. A “mess” they called it. An absolute mess with no way…show more content…
She felt as good as dead. She wished that her horrible, throbbing pain in her head would stop. As her vision cleared, Akira was able to make out tubes extending from her arms into big machines. She knew this place all too well. The hospital. She heard the voices of her parents and someone who was probably a nurse coming closer and closer. Akira was able to make out words like “Brain-damage” “seizure” and “evaluation”. Akira sat up straight in the bed and squinted at the glare of the white, sterile room. As her parents entered the room, she could hear their worried voices. Scared for her life she thought that this might be the day she got labeled as her worst nightmare, an “Imperfect”. Akira knew that she had a severe epilepsy, but she believed that she would be a “Perfect”...or at least….she

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