Things Fall Apart Chapter 13 Outline

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Chapter 16: In this chapter, Obierika returns to Mbanta for the first time in two years. He does so to visit his good friend Okonkwo, who is exiled. In the village, there are many Christian missionaries who have come to convert the people of Mbanta. Unfortunately for the missionaries, many villagers do not understand their religion and question their beliefs. After the questioning, the missionaries burst out into song and sang about God. In this chapter, imperialism is present. When the missionaries arrive, they do so to gain followers and power through diplomacy. Though they do not convert the Africans for their country, they do it for a common identity (Christianity). Chapter 17: The evangelists went into the village to preach…show more content…
In a town meeting, the villages surrounding decides to stay peaceful, though Okonkwo disagrees. He kills the messenger with his machete after hearing the news, going against the common saying “don’t kill the messenger”. The villagers and Okonkwo’s clanmenbers decide not to go to war. In this chapter, conservatism is present. Instead of risking their lives and economy for freedom and equality, the villagers decide not to revolt against whites. They keep their current situation the way that it is instead of trying to improve. Chapter 25: When the Commissioner goes to Okonkwo’s house, Obierika says that he’s not home. This angers the commissioner and he threatens imprisonment. Obierika takes the commissioner to the back of Okonkwo’s house where he is found dead hanging from a tree. He committed suicide by hanging himself. Obierika tells them that suicide is a sin and they cannot touch his body. People from other villages (strangers) can, though. Obierika gets angry at the Commissioner and blames him for the suicide. The Commissioner decides to write a chapter of his book in Okonkwo’s honor, but it isn’t very kind. He calls it The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower

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