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Journal#3 “The Metaphor” In “The Metaphor”, Miss Hancock is a dynamic and round character. Through Charlotte’s description, we can see that Miss Hancock’s characteristics are totally changed. When she was a literature teacher in junior high school, she was extremely enthusiastic. However, Miss Hancock did not expect that when she started to teach in senior high school, students would be mischievous and tried to make jokes about her. She gradually became depressed and did not teaching with passion any more. At last, she stepped off the curb in front of the school and was killed by a school bus. Miss Hancock was a passionate teacher when she taught grade seven students. It can be seen in the story: “Like a heavy bird, she fluttered and flitted…show more content…
She still tried her best to keep passionate. But unlike junior students, senior students were getting more mature and rebellious. Furthermore, Miss Hancock was overenthusiastic in teaching. She was unmarried. Therefore, teaching meant everything to her. She had been successful for fifteen years, once she began to teach in senior high school, everything was different. The huge difference from expecting made her became more and more disappointed. “One late afternoon in March of that year, Miss Hancock stepped off the curb in front of the school and was killed instantly by a school bus.” Although the author did not tell readers if she died by accident or she suicided, I still felt the death had connection with her failure in senior high school. Maybe that kind of disrespect was not unusual, maybe it happened in every senior high school class, not only specific to Miss Hancock. However, the more expectation people have, the more disappointment people get. Miss Hancock expected more than other usual teachers, she was eager strongly to impart knowledge to her students. Once the dream broke, she lost her confidence, everything was gone to her. Consequently, she chose to die. In “The Metaphor”, the metaphor is also very interesting. I imitated the metaphors in this story and created a new one about my

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