Thesis Statement On Abortion

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I am against abortion. Background: Abortion is the process of terminating a human pregnancy; normally it is performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. I am a Christian and I define my belief as ‘Anti-Abortion, but Pro-Choice. ‘I am against the principle of taking away life’s of innocent once. Problem statement: Abortion is an illness in the community yet the community still sees it as acceptable. Why is it seen as ab illness in the society yet still accepted by many? Hypothesis: How Christianity does views abortion? The bible clearly disagrees with the act of taking the lives of innocent persons. In the times when Moses was leading the Isabel’s God gave him laws for specified penalties for different unlawful act. In Exodus 21:22-25, the penalty for causing the passing of a coming child was “life for life”. This means that, God saw killing a kid in the womb as murder. Woman who committed this unlawful act were suspended to death. We all know that unlawful act always lead us to punishment and this was the punishment given to a woman who have caused the death of the unborn child .Punishment was used as to discourage this type of behavior to occur for to occur again. God never agreed with principle of abortion. According to…show more content…
The society also recommended that when the child becomes a teenager, he or she is likely to bring problems to the woman, and some of the women get to be ill because of the problems that are caused their a children. Abortion in the Christian worldview as it is my worldview it is unacceptable as it is the sin in the eyes of the God and sins are always discouraged according to the bible. According to the bible point of view abortion is regarded as a

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