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Lust is one of the seven deadly sins. It is an intense yet short-lived sexual desire that is almost an abstraction of sex – a thought or feeling of sex. In the world of teenagers, a young mindless girl goes out to seek love; however, what she discovers is sex. After each rendezvous, one boy after another, she will ultimately know and understand that love is not what she has found, but instead it is lust and male dominance that consumes her so much that she begins to lose track of who she really is. This foolish, transparent girl is the narrator in Susan Minot’s short story, “Lust.” “Lust” is a startling, potential real-life example of teenage girls without sexual restraint. What is most disturbing when reading “Lust” is not the narrator’s sexually promiscuous actions. Instead, it is her reflection of a universal cultural phenomenon – the tendency and impulses of girls submissively and willingly giving themselves to boys, which leads to an eventual outcome of indirect harm of their emotional/ mental and physical state. Having been sent away to boarding school and having a detached relationship with her parents, the…show more content…
Some things I was good at, like math or painting or even sports, but the second a boy put his arm around me, I forgot about wanting to do anything else, which felt like a relief at first until it became like sinking into muck” (Minot 17 and 6). The superficiality of society and perception of women as the weaker sex puts good looks above a girl’s self-confidence and independence. It is because of this that the narrator does not have anything else to satisfy her desires. All of her desires for anything else – hobbies such as painting, playing sports, solving math problems – are deemed unimportant when stacked against how important it is for her to be wanted and admired by

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