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There were various themes that occurred all throughout the book “Enrique’s Journey”. For example, four obvious ones were perception versus reality, poverty/unsteady job market, abandonment, and grace, mercy, and justice. However, the two themes I felt were most seen throughout the book were poverty/unsteady job market and abandonment. Abandonment is seen from the very beginning when Lourdes leaves Enrique and the home she knows to go to the United States of America in hopes for a better life, for a better job, and for money for her family. Though she was doing what was best for her and her family, or so her in mind, Lourdes has left Enrique wondering why she left in the first place. This is where the theme of abandonment begins to develop. Throughout his younger years, he is never in a permanent home, and is constantly moving from one home to another. The not knowing of…show more content…
So many people have abandoned him.” Since abandonment has occurred and been present so many times throughout his life, he fears the person he loves and cares for will leave him just as the others have. The second theme that stands out immensely is on poverty and an unsteady job market. Enrique lives in poverty since the day he was born, which is why his mother, Lourdes, leaves Honduras to go to the United States in the first place. On page 4, it says that ” Lourdes has decided: She will leave. She will go to the United States and make money and send it home.” She intends to follow through with this plan in hopes of making a better life for herself and to hopefully get their family into a better income level so that they will not struggle as much as they are now. However, once she has arrived, she sees that making it big in the United States is not as easy as se\he, as well as others, thought it would be. She is unable to keep a job for a long while, which causes her to jump from job to job, including being a nanny, a cleaning lady, to a job at a candy

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