Brave New World Comparison Essay

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In the books 1984 and Brave New World, both authors, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, convey what the future would look like as if we were in a “utopian” society. Both books can be seen as warnings. In 1984, it has a controlling view for a warning and in Brave New World is more of a medical view. The future for us, could be the outcome from either book. The government could control our thoughts, listen in on every conversation, and make us have no life, unless you were an “Inner Party Member.” Or they could duplicate the low social classes and train our minds to be perfect as they want them to be, as read in both books. In my mind, 1984 is a better representation of the future for our world. I believe that eventually all countries will be…show more content…
These books teach us the possible futures we will encounter. They also help us realize we want to prevent things like this to ever happen because we don’t want to be duplicated or controlled. In the beginning of Brave New World, students are walking through the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. They are getting a tour through this building by the Director. The Director takes them through multiple departments of the building to show what each department does. He shows them a fertilization department and how they basically duplicate the lowest social classes of their society. They also view the infant’s room where they encourage them to invest in sexual games. This represents a medical warning because society controls everything that happens to them medically. Everything that Winston does is monitored by the government. He has no life. He wakes up and goes to work for most of the day, then he comes home only to do nothing but sit in front of the telescreen. Big brother attempts to control his thoughts. Winston eventually gets caught by the Thought Police for plotting against Big Brother and goes through many sessions of interrogation. O’Brien interrogates him to train Winstons thoughts to abide by the rules of Big Brother. Only to eventually get killed for his own thoughts taking over his mind. This represents the controlling warning. Eventually the government will do something like
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