Their Eyes Were Watching God Literary Analysis

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Love And The Horizon In Their Eyes Were Watching God Society has always suffered from numerous social problems pertaining to women. The social, political and economic subjection of women as well as patriarchy and male domination was greatly opposed in the novel and ultimately conquered. Their Eyes Were Watching God disputes the unjust and uncivil treatment of women in their marriages especially at a time when speaking up was inconceivable. The fact that the book is written in African American dialect of Hurston’s time gives the book a relatable, realistic and down-to-earth feel. It gives it a new dimension of authenticity. The protagonist of the story is on a quest of love, independence, individuality, security and self-fulfillment. Hurston foreshadows this journey in the beginning if the book: “She was stretched on her back beneath the pear tree soaking in the alto chant of the visiting bees, the gold of the sun and…show more content…
That of Logan was an oppressive silence, Joe’s manipulative and Tea Cake’s liberating. Hurston uses silence as Janie’s source of identity and empowerment as her character is not defined by her words alone, but also by silence. Janie's first love was her last love and having finally experienced the childhood fantasy of love she enjoyed it only for a moment. Her ever-evolving selfhood in this coming-of-age narrative is one of the prevalent themes in the novel. She grows up expecting better treatment than she is given; having being treated as a mule by her first husband: “De nigger women is de mule uh de world as fur as Ah can see”, “Ah aim to run two ploughs, and dis man Ah’m talkin’ ‘bout is got uh mule all gentled up so even a women kin handle ‘im.” and as an accessory be the second: “Building a high chair for her to sit in and over look the world and she here pouting over
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