Their Eyes Were Watching God Literary Analysis

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With age there are certain traditional precedents that a women is supposed to carry out. As little girls we are taught that pink is for us, the dollies are ours, and the game of pretend house would eventually be real. Unfortunately because we are accustomed to what is supposed to happen we often become blinded by reality. We fail to see that everything is not made out of sugar and spice and everything nice, rather we strikingly experience life’s lamentable defeats until we find the ideals we originally sought. That is the case for protagonist Janie in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, as she experiences several defeats with her spouses and eventually finds what she has desired since a young lady. The hardships of marriage…show more content…
He was not the kind of man that she dreamt of rather the thought of him desecrated “the pear tree” (31) he killed the spring like love she wished for. Even though Janie did not desire Logan she agreed to marry him out of guilt pressed on by her Nanny who raised her and wished to grant her prime wish, even if it meant raining on her very own. Her decision to marry Logan Killicks was guilt driven as she felt that she was letting her grandmother down by not marrying and becoming an indecent women. “So you don’t want to marry of decent like, do yuh? You wants to make me suck de same sorrow yo’ mam did eh? Mah ole head ain’t gray enough. Mah back ain’t bowed enough to suit yuh!” (31). As Nanny arranged the marriage Janie comforted herself by siting that “she would love Logan after they were married” (38). Rather Janie’s marriage did not become the blossoming spring filled with freshness of new life, it became a deadening harsh winter. The relationship between Janie and Logan had become straight business, Janie had a status she had to uphold as she was Mrs. Killicks and proprietor of her husband’s well pronounced 60 acres. Janie had status and respect that was given to her by her peers. According to them she
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