Elaine Tyler's Homeward Bound

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Through the duration of May, Elaine Tyler. Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era. New York: Basic Books, 1988., the author, Elaine Tyler May, exclaims that Americans sought after “domestic containment” inside the home in search of a normal, free, and secure feeling lifestyle in spite of the cold war going on right outside. She states that “postwar Americans turn to marriage and parenthood with such enthusiasm and commitment”. Her goal throughout this book is to show the audience how domestic containment “…emerged, how it affected the lives of those who tried to conform to it, and how it ultimately unraveled…” She also attempts to show the reader that the cold war wasn’t the only change going on with society at the time, but there was a major transformation in American culture as well. May helps the audience understand that the cold war didn’t just take place in government buildings but in homes and families too. She also attempts to show the reader how this new ideology affected the nation in a…show more content…
For instance, it is obviously all happening during the period of the cold war, but her book is not a more in depth look at the war, but an in depth look at society, culture, politics, and economics of the time period that have put the nation in the position it is in today. Her style of writing helped me as a reader almost directly relate and understand the situation the nation and its’ citizens were enduring at the time. It also shows one a more personal viewpoint into how life was during the cold war. Also her book, in my opinion, touches the beginning of the counter culture era. For instance, it examines how women began changing roles in society, the cultures outlook on marriage and home life began evolving, and how the nation reacted to the gay and lesbian community. All of these things are the beginning of the counterculture movement in America’s

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