Wife Of Bath's Tale Critical Essay

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Critical Essay 2 In the “Wife’s of Bath’s Tale”, there are plenty incidents of sexuality throughout the play. The Wife is viewed as lecherous. She has already had five husbands in her lifespan. Amazingly, she does not see anything wrong with this. The Wife also does not see why Jesus’ scolds the women at the well who also had five husbands. She also follow what the biblical words how God said He wants us to go out and multiply, so this means it is okay to have sex in her view. In addition, to back up her reasoning the Wife refers to King Solomon. He had many wives, and to St. Paul’s belief that is marry than to burn. Because she has shown elements from the Bible, she now challenged anyone to show her where God commanded virginity. The Wife also believes that sexual organs are not only for functional purpose, but further more for pleasure. And unlike many other woman, she is always willing to have sex whenever her man wants to do so.…show more content…
Sexuality makes itself appear to be true through the queen and Guinevere. The queen is introduced into the story and she is said to be “dressed only in her shift.” (Line 99) This is the very first thing stated about her, and now we already know that she is half-dressed. It goes on talking about her like this, “Her body was well shaped and elegant; . . . her entire side was uncovered, her bosom, her face and her neck; she was whiter than the hawthorn flower.” (Lines 100-105) This queen is apparently gorgeous. Because of the way she shows herself half-naked it adds to her mystery and sexual persona. The queen’s sexual ways she makes Lanval’s heart desire for her on the command. Her sexuality shows that the power women are capable of over men though she does not abuse

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