Black Swan Psychological Disorder

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Karen Turcios Professor Mann Psychology 101 October 20, 2014 The movie Black Swan is about a ballerina named Nina Sayers. She is young and talented, but others in the movie see her as a shy little girl. The director picks her to play the leading role as the swan queen in Swan Lake. Nina has to play the roles the black and white swans. She was able to perfectly play white swan because of her innocent personality. It was difficult for her to get into character for the black swan because she couldn't let loose and act dark or seductive. The role began to put a lot of pressure on her which slowly drove her to madness. Hallucination and delusion are displayed through out the movie in Nina's character which could be psychologically diagnosed as schizophrenia disorder. She shows…show more content…
One is when Nina is practicing her routine and as she watches herself in the mirror, her reflection screams and reaches out for her. In another scene Nina is bathing and all of a sudden a shadow appears on top of her and it looked like it is was going to attack her. Nina went to see Beth, a former ballerina, in the hospital to give her back the items she stole and she hallucinates that Beth stabbed herself with a nail file, one of the items Nina took, multiple times. Near the end of the film Nina sees Lily putting on the black swans costume and trying to take her part so Nina fought with her over the lead role which lead to her pushing Lily into a mirror and using the broken fragments to stab her. She then hid Lily's body in the restroom which was in Nina's dressing room. She thought all this really happened but in reality she was fighting herself and ended up stabbing herself. She realized this after the black swan performance when Lily came and knocked on Nina's dressing room to congratulate her. Nina walks to the restroom and sees there is no body or blood then sits down and pulls a piece of broken mirror out of her own

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