The Two Characteristics Of Right Mind And Wrong Mind

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The short story of “Right Mind and Wrong Mind”, written by an anonymous author, reveals the two characteristics of Right Mind and Wrong Mind. The author names each character according to their actions that define them. In the beginning of this short story, the two friends are traveling to a distant city to earn money, but stumble upon hidden treasure in which they decide to share. Although their findings appear fortunate, their new wealth proves to reveal Wrong Mind’s true character. Wrong Mind’s character traits of sneakiness, greediness, and foolishness lead to his destruction. Wrong-Mind posses many qualities that define him. One characteristic that describes him as sneakiness. Wrong-Mind demonstrates sneakiness through constructing a scheme to trick Right-Mind into burying the money for his own gain. After some time Wrong-Mind composes a plan to steal the rest of the money, but blames the missing money on Right-Mind to the courts. To deceive the courts, Wrong-Mind sneaks his father into a tree, pretending to be the forest god and lie to the court. Wrong-Mind portrays sneakiness through tricky schemes to deceive Right-Mind and the court for his own venture, but greediness plays a bigger role .…show more content…
Wrong-Mind’s greediness leads him to deceive Right-Mind into burying their money, so that Wrong-Mind can later attain more money than Right-Mind originally gave him. Also instead of spending the money wisely, Wrong-Mind wastefully spends his share and expects to receive more. Wrong-Mind’s greatest action of greed displays when he takes all of his friends money to keep for himself, but being foolish beats them

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