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In the whole of history, there has been a cycle of loyalty and betrayal, leadership and rebellion, bravery and cowards. So what makes a good person? Ever since the Fall of Adam and Eve, people have been distorted. Loyalty is an example of something we desire and yet is littered with selfishness and conceit. It is the child-play in television and fantasy in song lyrics that create our expectations of people. Most believe that all of humanity is selfish distorters. Because this is true, there are those who choose to look outside the "norm" for a sense of prosperity. Robin Hood is a classic tale that has been adapted to every generation. And every generation has adored the story of sincerity. Throughout the life of good Robin, Hood loyalty is exemplified by his bravery, self-sacrifice, and love. In reality, any bloke can pull a string and loose an arrow. But only the brave ones try and succeed. Robin Hood's bravery led him to dedicate his life for the greater good. His fight against tyranny left an influence that kept Prince John prodding on his toes (pg.118). Because of the ongoing war against tyranny, many people were arrested and killed. Including some of Robin's most faithful…show more content…
In result of his desire to put others before himself, Robin was devoted to the Church. This desire fueled his passion for justice and peace. Although Robin did not have much choice, his lifestyle was simple and admirable. Robin Hood also sacrificed for the good of King Richards return. At one point, two unwilling priests were begged to show sympathy, "You can, at least, spare a piece of gold to go towards King Richards ransom." (pg.200) Robin sacrificed the riches of the rich in order to help the poor and pay the ransom for King Richard. Robin Hood declared, "We take for the general good (pg.40). Robin Hood's self-sacrificial character draws people towards him who will follow him with complete loyalty

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