The Turner Motherhood

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Sisterhood and Motherhood in Brewster Place In the novel by Gloria Naylor, The Women of the Brewster, women that live there all have different backgrounds that take them to the Brewster place. Some live there by choice and some by circumstances beyond their control. The place is dirty, filled with some people who have lost hope in themselves and it’s surrounded by the brick which blocks them from the outside world and its nicer neighborhood. The place also has hooligans that sell drugs and threatens the people that live there. Throughout her novel, Women of the Brewster Place, Gloria Naylor shows the sisterhood in the women through their strong relationships with one another and proving that…show more content…
She takes care of them without making her pay rent. She becomes the first woman in the novel who comforts and strengthens one other woman. Miss Eva becomes Mattie’s mother and Basil’s grandmother. Mattie and Miss Eva grow a very good relationship. They discuss Mattie’s journey to her Place. Mattie gets comfortably enough that one day she finds herself talking about the things she had buried within in her (Gloria Naylor 34). These woman form a lasting bond that sees. In the time that follows, Mattie grows to accept Miss Eva and treats her as her own mother and grandmother to her son. By so doing we see the uplifting that the women have in the novel starting with Miss Eva to…show more content…
Mattie also acts like a sister and a mother to Cecil, Miss Eva’s granddaughter who first tries to make Mattie feel welcome in Brewster. Mattie gives her ideas about his husband who treating her so bad. Mattie tells her everytime that the man is bad for him. When left by her husband and death of her child, Serena sits in the bed all day. Mattie is the one that takes care of her and gives her the love that a mother gives to the child. She releases ciel’s enormous grief by rocking and bathing her until she falls asleep crying. Here Gloria shows two things on Ciel and Mattie. She shows that man are a problem to the women (sisters) and that women can take care of each

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