The Real Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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As a reader progresses in the story of Victor Frankenstein and his creation you see that he is changing and becoming a different man then the reader sees at the beginning of this journey. We see a psychological evolution of this man and for those that do not understand the human psyche this will show how this change occurs. When the story first starts off the reader first encounters Victor in the letters of Robert Walton, and the reader can see here that Victor is in pursuit of his creation. When Robert Walton describes Victor he describes what he sees in the man’s eyes and then the way that Victor acted. Walton described Victor as so, “I never saw a more interesting creature: his eyes have generally an expression of wildness, and even madness…” This shows that Victor is a man who has a fire in his eye who has a personal quest he must fulfill. Mary Shelly starts her story with these letters like a director would start a movie from the middle or end and show the viewer the actions that lead up to that point. The reader can already see that the man Victor has had something happen to him to lead him up to this point. Then there are other readers who may believe that he has always been this way mentally and all he needed was something to trigger this part of his psyche to assume control of his whole existence. After the reader reads the letters that Shelley decided to put as the prelude to her story she then shows us the man Victor Frankenstein. As the reader will see…show more content…
But many do believe that sociopath is not something a person always has but is triggered by early childhood trauma. One may definitely say from reading this story of Frankenstein that the early childhood trauma that triggered this is the death of his mother. Victor shares with the reader that he witnessed the death of his mother, which is in any case traumatic enough for any person young or old to affect them
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