How Does Ralph Ellison Create Identity In Invisible Man

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What if people had no control over their destinies because all of their decisions were influenced by objects around them? What if these objects also caused them to not have their own identity? This is precisely what has happened to the nameless narrator of Invisible Man. Ralph Ellison, in Invisible Man, uses various forces and themes to influence every action the narrator makes and to create his identity. Race is a substantial influence on a majority of events in Invisible Man. It is told in the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement( Anelli and Law 4) when tensions between races were high. Being African American, the narrator’s race is a large portion of his identity( “Invisible Man” 2), and is the main reason he is treated the way he is and why…show more content…
Although his invisibility is strictly figurative and he does not truly go unseen (Shmoop Editorial Team 1), the society he was born into does not acknowledge his existence. The narrator's sense of invisibility causes him to not see value in human life; he beats a man up and nearly slits his throat because the man bumped into him (Ellison ). The narrator’s unfortunately also causes him to be extremely rash and hasty with his actions. He gives a speech honoring Brother Clifton's death even though he knew I would infuriate the Brotherhood (Ellison ). He tends to speak his mind and not to contemplate the consequences of his actions before he commits them. Even though the narrator's invisibility has mostly negative effects on him, it has some benefits as well. He is able to illegal sustain his basement room and sift electricity from the electric company (Ellison ). Being invisible allows the narrator to have more freedom and gives him time to cultivate his true personality (Shmoop Editorial Team 1). The narrator's invisibility is also brought about by the blindness many of the characters have throughout the

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