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The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether the temperature of a magnet impacts its strength. My hypothesis is that the colder the magnet gets the stronger the magnet will be and that the warmer the magnet gets the weaker it will be. I say this because heating the magnets will cause the magnet’s molecules to become more disorderly, which will make it harder for the magnet to properly function. So when the magnets are colder they will be stronger because they will have less kinetic energy, which will make the magnetic field be more constantly concentrated in a specific direction. Variables: Independent Variable: Temperature of the magnets Dependent Variable: Strength of magnet (How many paper clips it picks up) Constants Variable: Type of magnet and type of paper clips Procedure (before testing): 1.Place one magnet out to reach room temperature for 30 minutes. 2.Place another magnet in boiling water for 30 minutes. 3.Place one magnet in ice water for 30 minutes. 4.Place one more magnet into the freezer for 30 minutes. 5.Record temperature of the magnet Procedure (for testing): 1.Create a pile of paper clips 2.With tongs slowly lower the magnet into the center of the paper clip pile 3.Record the grams of paper…show more content…
This experiment will be conducted using ceramic magnets. Temperature is a measurement that indicates how hot or cold something is. In the experiment that will be conducted the materials that will be used are, ice/water and a freezer to lower the magnets temperature. It will also use boiling water to raise the temperature. Then there will just be the regular room temperature. This experiment will test how temperature would affect magnets, making the magnets either stronger or weaker depending on the temperature. The higher the temperature the weaker the magnet. The lower the temperature the stronger the

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