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Emily Kanellos Mark Botti English Honors 1 C Period December 15, 2015 Women in Yop City In the past 30, the roles and expectations of women have changed. Often women in the past 40 years have been seen as damsels in distress that only rely on their man. They are also seen as unsuccessful and dumb, and their only job should be the work of a housewife who cares about clothes and feeling pretty. Men create these stereotypes to establish power and a patriarchy in society, and these stereotypes can been seen in the past and can be seen in the present. The feelings men have created make men feel degraded and lesser than a man. They lack self-confidence because of this as well. Women in many cultures are suppressed by men and Yop city in the…show more content…
An example of this is when Aya is simply walking on the streets and a man tries to flirt with her. He says, “You girls think you're something. People talk to you and you treat them like dirt.” Aya responds by running away and saying, “I don't need to answer” (52). This man feels and acts superior by chasing after Aya because he feels he could get anything out of her because he is a man and she is a woman. Aya runs away and doesn’t respond because why should she have to respond and show the man respect, if males in her culture don’t treat her the same. In addition, Bintou’s father Koffi beats Bintou at home for dancing with his friend Hacyinete. When his wife steps through the door, he says, “Get out! This is none of your business, unless you want a slap too” (38). Koffi feels as though he can threaten his wife and physically hurt Bintou because he has more power than they do because he is a man, which is considered dominant over females in Yop city. Women are treated as property which makes women feel less than or worthless. Property that might be beaten in Yop city is an animal such as a goat. When women are beat they are being dehumanized and treated like animals. Men feel as though there are not many ways to show that they are above women socially, but physically punishing women clearly shows men have more power. Men have disrespectful attitudes towards women because they feel that to…show more content…
An example of this is when Aya is at Bintou’s house and Mamadou walks in. He shows an interest in Aya, even if he is talking with Bintou by saying, “So where does she live.” Bintou replies by giving a dirty look towards him and by saying, “Why are you so interested” (75). Mamadou shows that he would cheat on Bintou, who is his girlfriend, with Aya by asking where Aya lives. The feelings of one woman don’t matter to him as long as he gets what he wants, showing the wants of a male are put before the female. Bintou also has no control over what he chooses to do because Mamadou feels as though she doesn’t deserve respect because she is female. In addition, when Aya is talking to Bintou about Moussa, Bintou says, “A guy like Moussa will always cheat on you” (74). Bintou knows that Moussa will cheat on her but she accepts it because she is a woman and there is no trying to stop Moussa attaining his wants. Women are treated as sex objects because men just move through their pick of women, and don’t care about the feelings of a woman. More importantly is the man’s own satisfaction and this goes back to how women are not treated with respect. When men cheat on their wives and girlfriends, they make the women feel underappreciated and not cared for. The only thing that might make up for it is having a rich husband. Women show that they are treated as sex objects when men can cheat on them, and they show this by

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