The Testing: An Intresting Trilogy By Joelle Charbonneau

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The Testing, the first novel of an intresting Trilogy by Joelle Charbonneau begins in the point of view of young Cia vale. A war was called out; The Seven Stages war they called it. Wars like any other never are a good thing, this certain war left the world charred and useless. That's where this 'testing' comes in. Cia explains this testing as a test for certain ones from the graduating class , her view on The Testing is high. To be chosen is an honor, and Cia wants to be that honored graduate just like her father. The Testing as explained above is a certain test for certain graduates. Those chosen for the test, are tested in order to see if they can attend the university. The university is a college for those whom soon will be tought in being leaders of this new world and to help rebuild it. Even for such an honor, is there more to The Testing than Cia relizes?…show more content…
Given bags with the CommonWealth stystem syombol on it, those 4 chosen ones head home in order to pack for tommorow will be the first day of The Testing. Even with such an honorable postion, Cia's father was worried; taking her back into the garden he told her of dreams. Nightmares occured after the testing, memories were wiped out to keep the testing confidential it seems. "Don't Trust anyone." he warned her as he faintly remembered how some chosen may try and wipe out the compitetion, posion them or worse. Even being told such things by her father, Cia couldn't help but trust her childhood friend, Tomas. "Partners." he told her as they made a pact to help one another, in the

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