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The Salvation Army is a great place for families to get their life together and figure out what they are going to do. The Salvation Army was made in 1865 and was made for the people that had no home and to teach them about God and Jesus and what he did for us. The Salvation Army is a place where people come together and get what got to be done, done and they only get 6 months to live there now, they used to have no limit for how long you stay there but now I guess they know that 6 months is enough time for you to get your life together get a job work so you can get you own place. The Salvation Army came into existence during the Victorian Era. The Salvation Army was created in 1865 and was made so that the poor, homeless, hungry people could go and stay for as long as they have which now is about 6 months to get there stuff together. But you can only go there if you have like a family with you it can’t be just you. The Salvation Army is a place where people get to learn more about God and Jesus in the Christ and so they would have the kids go into different rooms while you were taught about God and soon they just kept it going on so now that you know a little about church over the years you know…show more content…
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