The Role Of Ratio In Dantes Inferno

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Dante firmly believes in the fact that the mind is a gift from God, with that comes the responsibility of using our gift for good rather than evil deeds. Using it for the latter, is essentially condemning one’s own self to the depth of hell. Aquinas views contemplation as the connection between intellect and ratio. The only way to achieve happiness and peace of mind, if we use our intellect for the greater good, and letting go of our own selfish needs and wants. Ratio is the power of logical thought and the ability to draw conclusions. Intellect plays a role in being able to distinguish rational from irrational. They both complement each other and are not separate entities. Limbo is that region on the edge of hell, for those souls who could not be saved even though they are free from sin. Dante’s limbo includes virtuous non-christian adults and unbaptized infants. Thus, many heroes, thinkers and intellectual minds of the ancient worlds are found here. The…show more content…
He protects Dante through the world of sin. Virgil proves to be resolute in his ways and wise. He shields Dante from the vicious demons and monsters. Dante’s moral lessons are reinforced on his journey through hell. Virgil is shown be impatient when Dante sympathizes with sinners or attempts to remain in one region for too long. These attributes highlight his somewhat human nature. Dante the character and Dante the poet seem to have different views of Virgil. One regards Virgil as his master, constantly swearing his admiration for. While the other makes use of Inferno to prove his own poetic greatness. As the journey progresses, Virgil grows to be very protective of Dante. At times, he reprimands Dante for his sympathy, reminding Dante that these damned souls are here for punishment, and that their punishment is the design of a larger plan dictated by God. Virgil's greatest task is to harden Dante’s heart against the horribly damned shades in

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