Of Mice And Men Loneliness Essay

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“Everyone I know goes away In the end.” Is a Quote from the great musician Johnny Cash, and it reflects loneliness, one of the main themes of the book Of Mice and Men written during The Great Depression by Author John Stienebeck. Loneliness is a very prevalent and central theme throughout the novel. In this essay, I will go over the loneliness of Crooks the stable buck, Lennie, And George. Crooks is the african stable buck that works on the farm with the men. although he gets to work and play with the men, he still lives in his own area, because he is black. he tells lennie that it doesn’t matter who the person is as long as they are with you. he is unwanted in the bunkhouse solely on the fact the he is black. he is just like all the other men, he works, he plays, he gets along with all the other men, he has even been there for just as long as candy. he has a room full of possessions like books and shoes and even a shotgun he all owns to himself. but all the possessions in the world can’t make someone feel loved or wanted. the fact that he is left out and treated separately is the main reason i believe the he is the most lonely character in the story.…show more content…
a prime example of a migrant worker is george and lennie in the novel. in the story, george has the companionship of lennie but is still very lonely. on page 7 george says “i could get along so easily without you on my tail,” but i think that he should have been careful what he wished for. even with a loyal best friend by his side everywhere he goes he was still lonely for the fact that even when he was never alone he still longed for something more. after george shoots lennie in the story he seems cold and monochrome, almost like what he lived for is gone. these are some of the reasons that i think george is such a alone
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