How Does Gogol Use Magical Realism In The Daughters Of The Moon

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In the nose by Nikolai Gogol and The Daughters Of The Moon by Italo Calvino both authors use magical realism but it’s just how they use this technique is the real magic added to their stories. In the short story The Daughters of The Moon by Italo Calvino we get a sneak peak into a day that has been long awaited by his community. This impreticular day is the day the moon collapses but to him and his community members it just seems like an overdue event. For example, “We stood and stared in astonishment, some of us on the Brooklyn Bridge, others on the jetties on the shore, caught between the urge to dive in after them and the certainty that we would see them reappear again just as before.” I think that this quote has a magical realist…show more content…
disappears. This short story is filled with examples of magical realist tones. For example, “He began to cough discreetly near it, but the nose paid him not the least attention.” Honorable sir," said Kovaloff at last, plucking up courage, "honorable sir.” What do you want?" asked the nose, and turned round.” This is clear evidence of magical realism. It shows a man afraid to talk to his nose because the nose is dressed as a high-ranking officer! He is acticing as if it is a normal event to speak to a nose with such high respect and that is why this falls under magical realism. If that didn’t persuade you believe that this story falls under magical realism here is another piece of evidence,” Ivan Jakovlevitch let his arm fall and felt more embarrassed than he had ever done in his life. At last he began to pass the razor very lightly over the Major's chin, and although it was very difficult to shave him without using the olfactory organ as a point of support, he succeeded, however, by placing his wrinkled thumb against the Major's lower jaw and cheek, thus overcoming all obstacles and bringing his task to a safe conclusion.” In this quote we see the barber trying to shave one of the characters face but is having a difficult time because the character is missing his nose! The barber acts as if it is not out of the ordinary ad finds another way to hold the man’s

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