Examples Of Internal Conflict In Everyday Use

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Dee is the antagonist of the short story everyday use. She progresses the story by building conflict and plot. In the beginning of the story it opens and talks about how mama dreams for a good relationship for her daughter. In this dream Mama , the protagonist, says “Dee is embracing me” then transitions to in the next paragraph “In real life.” This is talking about how Dee doesn't have much love for her mom. Assuming from the transitions Dee isn't very fond of her mom, she wouldn't normally hug or show signs of affection to her mother. This shows an internal conflict within mama and it shows a conflict between Mama and Dee. The internal conflict is shown because Mama wants to better herself, to please her daughter, she understands that her daughter isn't the fondest of her and she wants to…show more content…
A very boring plot for the short story. The climax of that story could be Maggie sweeping and that would be a very boring and bland story. Another way Dee’s character progresses the plot is when the story says “snacted the quilts out of miss wangeros hands and dumped them into maggie's lap.” The way the narrator, Mama, addresses her daughter as Miss. Wangero shows she doesn't know her daughter. And that her daughters a stranger. With background information it is known that Dee changes her name to Wangero because she wants to get in touch with her African culture. But, her birth name “Dee” has African culture that she doesn't understand. She won't accept the fact that her name is from a long line of family passed down to her, she feels as if she's above this name and doesn't need it because she's “above oppression.” Mama understands this and simply refers to her as “Miss. Wangero.” This comes to the conclusion of the problem, Mama finally understands that she never knew her daughter and this whole new person isn't the one she knows. Showing a conflict between Mama and Dee/

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