Relationships Portrayed In The Film 'Good Will Hunting'

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This paper will reflect on two relationships portrayed in the movie, “Good Will Hunting”. I will be focusing on the relationships between Will Hunting (Matt Damon) and Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) as well as Will Hunting and Skylar (Minnie Driver). There are many negative aspects in the foundations of these relationships but some positive parts as well. We will review all aspects of the relationships and discuss various methods and approaches to enhancing the relationships overall. Sean is Will’s therapist and Skylar is Will’s girlfriend; so we should see many differences between the two but some similarities as both types of relationships require a strong foundation of trust and openness. Will and Sean have a very rocky start to their relationship. Will meets with many therapists before Sean, so when Sean comes into Will’s life, he uses his past experiences to stereotype Sean, and treats him poorly due to his assumption the he is just like all the others. During the initial meeting, Will goes around Sean’s office pointing out various things and making judgements about Sean’s life based on these things. Will portrays himself very snarky and as if he knows everything about Sean. He uses very aggressive verbal communication and becomes extremely defensive during any push back from Sean. Will uses these…show more content…
Will was naturally reacting to Sean based on his experiences with past therapists. By reevaluating these predetermined reactions and the relationships they are based on, he could be more consciously aware of that possibility that Sean is different and could actually be a beneficial resource. “The children used more dispositional explanations for the positive behavior of a liked peer and the negative behavior of a disliked peer and more situational explanations for the negative behavior of a liked peer and the positive behavior of a disliked peer” (Guerin

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