The Crucible Act 1 Analysis

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Adil Qumar November 29, 2014 C - Band English Reflection My group had the honor to perform a scene from Act 1 of The Crucible. I personally chose to reenact the scene of where Tituba is being questioned by Hale of why she compacted with the devil. This scene was full of emotions, which made it even harder to perform because we had to make our emotion on par with the play’s emotion. The reason behind why Tituba called the devil is the main conflict for this scene. Hale is trying to find out if Tituba called the devil and who she saw with the devil. Tituba lies and says that she worked for the devil and tells the name of the people she “saw” with the devil. This is the beginning of the chaos that will soon erupt in Salem. This scene’s conflict perpetuates events that soon lead to people accusing people of being witches and thus Salem starts to fall apart. I think this scene is one of the most important scenes in the…show more content…
Reverend Hale’s motivation is to get to the bottom of the situation in Salem by figuring out if witchcraft is indeed present in Salem. Hale is supposedly an expert in hunting witches so the townspeople believe everything he says, to some extent. Tituba’s motivation is to not be whipped so she claims that she works for the devil. Keep in mind that Tituba was being whipped when this information is revealed by Tituba so it should’ve been obvious that she lied to save her life. However, Tituba’s actions act as a precedent for people because they too must lie to protect their own lives. Abigail’s motivation, in this scene, is to convince Hale that Tituba compacted with the devil and that the devil is controlling her. Abigail’s actions correspond with Tituba’s actions which foreshadows that people lie to protect themselves. I believe this is the main message of the scene and that this message is one of the main causes of the chaos in

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