Why Is Harry Potter Banned

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The article discusses how Harry Potter series has been banned many times. It has been on the banned booklist countless times. The article discusses several examples on the ban of books from the Harry Potter series. One example was that a parent in Gwinnett County, Georgia made a complaint to the school board to have the Harry Potter series removed from all the public schools in that district. The parent contended that the series promotes and advocates the Wiccan religion. The school board rejected her plea. The board members believed that the books were effective tools to engage children in reading and could be used as a catalyst to spark their imagination. She subsequently took the school board to court. The judge sustained the school board’s…show more content…
The Harry Potter series does not advocate the Wiccan religion or promote witchcraft. It is a fantasy book that is not meant to spark the imagination. It is a high fantasy book because an imaginary otherworld exists in addition to the world that is known. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry starts out in the ordinary world and receives the call to attend Hogwarts. He accepts the quest to keep the Sorcerer’s Stone away from Voldemort. The book is an example of a hero cycle because Harry faces many trials that involve internal and external forces. He grows as a person and discovers himself in the book. There is absolutely no mention in the book that people should believe in witchcraft or that the Wiccan religion should be followed. There are many examples of literary merits in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. There are examples of characters that are believable, well-rounded, and develop over time including Harry and Hermione. The plot is well-constructed and engaging. The setting is unique and described so well that the reader can imagine being there with the characters even though Hogwarts is an imaginary place. The style that Rowling uses is effective and engaging. Although, the situations and settings are not realistic, the character’s struggles are plausible, and readers can relate to Harry

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