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Corrosion is an important problem which resulting a terrible waste of both resources and money during the application of metallic materials. It also limits the dissolution of environmentally toxic metals from the components [ ]. So corrosion control is important in extending the life of equipment. The first step in corrosion control is identifying type of the corrosion, to evaluate the risk associated with failure in any item. Given a known the type of the corrosion, a strategy of corrosion management can be constructed. Once a strategic approach has been defined, the tactics of corrosion management may be determined. The object is to maintain corrosion within acceptable limits at minimum cost in all parts of the facility and throughout the facilitiy’s life [ ]. However, the nature of the corrosion is a loss of material due to the electrochemical interaction with the environment and the electrochemical reactions involving electron transfer [ ]. Therefore, having knowledge about electrochemistry of the corroded surface and electrically isolation of it is the first step in effective corrosion control. The adsorption of organic inhibitors on the metal surface can markedly change the corrosion resisting properties of the metals [ ]. It is well known that most of the inhibitors work as an anticorrosion from tow manners:…show more content…
In last context, thiol SAMs as nanodimensional approach are proved to be an effective method for surface modification [ - ], and then attentions focused on application of thiol SAMs for corrosion protection of active metal substrates, such as iron [ ], copper [ - ] and steels [1,10, , ]. However, there have been few reports on the spontaneous monolayer formation of dithiocarbamates on metal surfaces for corrosion protection [ ,

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