The Pros And Cons Of War Dog

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Servicemen and women should not be allowed to keep the dogs they train. Why you ask? The dogs are needed for war purposes, not to be household pets. Another reason why is because the person who trains the dog trains it as a soldier, not as a pet owner. Also, they can get the war dog when it is discharged from the army. The first reason why servicemen and women should not be able to keep the dogs they train is because the army trains the dogs. Yes, the person who is wanting their partner back trained the dog, but he/she trained the dogs as a soldier, not a dog owner. These war dogs cost around 20 thousand dollars to train. What would happen if every soldier who wanted to keep their dog partner got their wish? The army would suffer great losses…show more content…
The passage says in Coming to Terms “some injured handlers are able to adopt their dogs after the animals are discharged.” Then, the team will be reunited and all will be well. There is no sense in making a big fuss about a war dog trained for combat. The dog will serve his time in war, be discharged, and finally reunited with his former partner. The final reason is because the war dogs are trained for a reason, they are needed in war. The passage says that during the war in Afghanistan, the U.S. had roughly 2500 war dogs. They were all trained to be war dogs. Not one of them were supposed to be pets, but all were supposed to sniff out IEDs. The passage also says that the military regards their service dogs as pieces of equipment. They tattoo their dogs’ ID in their ear. This form of equipment is valuable to the military. After all of these facts you can kind of see where I'm coming from right? However, I can also see why the people who think the opposite of what I do think that servicemen and women should be able to keep the dogs they train. It says in A Graveyard that “Man and dog bonded right away, like they were meant for each other.” I’m sure all soldiers feel that way about their dogs. It’s natural, I

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