Paul Mccartney's Dead Conspiracy

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Paul McCartney’s Dead Conspiracy A fair amount of people believe that Paul McCartney is dead and that he was replaced with someone who looked almost identical to him. Their theory is that Paul McCartney died in a car accident in the year of 1966 and people believe that the other members of The Beatles covered up his death and replaced him with a look alike. Some people say that they covered up McCartney’s death because the Beatles feared that they would lose a major amount of money on their album sales since McCartney was one of the more liked members of The Beatles. Many of these fans have found evidence of Paul McCartney’s supposed death in the Beatles song lyrics and in their album titles. One of the earliest stories of the conspiracy theory…show more content…
12, 1969, Russ Gibb a disc jockey from the radio station WKNR Detroit took a call from a listener who wanted to talk about a rumor going around that Paul McCartney was dead. The caller identified himself as “Tom.” He told Russ Gibb that he had found clues that were in the Beatles music which pointed to Paul McCartney’s supposed death. One of the clues was that if you play certain songs backward there are messages in them. He pointed out that if you play the song Revolution 9 backwards it sounds like they are saying “turn me on, dead man.” (Glenn 5). Also, he said if you play the song I Am the Walrus backwards it seems to sound like “Ha ha! Paul is dead.” (Glenn…show more content…
Many still believe that Paul is dead and some think that it is a silly conspiracy. And many people do not even know about the conspiracy. But what we do know is that many people still obsess about Paul being dead and continue to look for clues to his prove that he is. What would happen if he were actually dead? Fans would probably be devastated. People still love to listen to their music all over the world and if they found out that Paul had been dead for so many years and they did not know until now things could get overwhelmingly crazy. So is Paul McCartney still alive or did he die in a car accident in 1966? Well we do not know for sure and may not ever

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